Xel City

A decentralised super computer.

XEL is the first decentralised super computing platform, adapted to execute any computational task on demand.

The XEL initiative

XEL is an open source project aiming to disrupt the way computing power is bought and sold in today's global market. To achieve this XEL is creating a decentralized trustless super computer, utilizing cryptography and blockchain technology. The platform can execute a vast array of tasks in need of computational resources in a P2P distributed way.

XEL offers a versatile and flexible system by enabling self programmable tasks instead of hardcoded use cases. This is achieved thanks to the proprietary ElasticPL (ePL) programming language. The system offers trustless access to computational resources at any time and from any location, while keeping privacy and anonymity.

Integrate with XEL platform

Scientific Applications

XEL platform is a great fit for data visualization, modelling and simulations within advanced chemistry, biophysics, high energy physics, bioinformatics, engineering science, and data medicine, by supplying adaptive, tailored, self programmable tasks, and on demand computing power.

Machine Learning

XEL’s super computing system can assist in the transition from physical, prototype based product design to computational (virtual), prototype-based product design. Thus enabling substantially better, more creative results, while saving on time and cost.

Visual Prototyping

Many companies are deploying services, which are largely based on machine learning algorithms for sophisticated processing of large amounts of data. XEL platform offers a environment for testing such services , and can also be used to demonstrate Proof of Concept for various AI algorithms.

Execute your tasks on XEL platform

Take advantage of XEL’s network massive power resources and execute any computational task, while avoiding the cost of deploying cloud services or purchasing your own hardware.

Provide your power to XEL’s network

Become a part of XEL’s network by providing hardware resources and earn tokens from helping other users resolve demanding computational tasks for advanced scientific research.

Software components

The XEL ecosystem is comprised of several main components working in fluid synchronous.

The execution and monitoring of arbitrary computational tasks is available via the user’s interaction with the software components. Each component provides a user friendly interface, enabling a straightforward, streamlined journey for the user.

Technology and features


As an open source project, XEL’s code base is always visible and available for peer review and contribution by the community, and any interested party.


Both, publishers of the task and the ones performing the task are not required to share their private information at any stage of the process. There is no need to trust third parties since the XEL platform handles the entire process in a trustless manor.


Future developments on top of the existing platform are possible in a modular way. For instance, it will be possible for developers to implement smart contracts on top of Elastic VM (Virtual Machine) in the future.

Decentralized & Distributed

Instead of using a central point of authority, XEL uses blockchain technology to form the consensus, and uses a special consensus-based protocol for work distribution, verification, and collection.


Thanks to self programmable tasks, the XEL platform offers a highly flexible system. Therefore, anyone can program unique use cases with XEL’s own programming language (ePL).